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Yesterday I saw from Yahoo that there had been a post for Sentinel Big Bang, but it didn't turn up in my friends feed.

Today I find that, although I can access today's post for TS Secret Santa on the TS SS comm, that post hasn't turned up on my friends page.

Per LJ, I'm still "friends" with both comms.

Anyone else having similar problems?

ETA: Oh, ookaaay - it's the *dates* that are being jumbled up. Right, that's very helpful, LJ. Thanks for *that* Xmas pressie..........
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So, it all appears to be workng today. But I have had another reply from lj, telling me that IE11 is unsupported at the moment so I should use another browser...

Okay, lj, but I was using IE11 yesterday, and I'm using it today, so a flaw in your logic somewhere But this may be of use if it all happens again! :))

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Of course, if you are, you won't be able to tell me! And I may not be able to see it! But every time I click on the friends page link at the top of the page, it takes me back to my journal. Instantaneously! Also,  even if I manage to trap a entry before it disappears on the closing page, I can't always leave a comment because the comment boxes may close by themselves!
Any ideas?
I have reported this to LJ, which has just told me it should be fixed now. It's not!


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