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Snowflake challenge Day 5 - Forget the interacting, here be (slightly predictable) recs...

Now, Day 4 was all about interacting, which I did enough of on Day 1, thanks.

So, on with the recs!

Day 5 asks:
In your own space, post recs for at least three fanworks that you did not create.
Now, I know that "at least 3" can mean "more than 3", but hey, where do I stop? The standard of writing in my current fandoms is so very high, and the authors are so very varied, that I could be here for the rest of the year.
So I need to be *very* selective.

Pros: A couple of *go-to* fics for me -

"A Special Working of Gravity" (slash) by Jackie Thomas.

Beautifully, and sparely, written - a great deal is crammed into a relatively short story. It's funny, dramatic, heart-breaking, touching, exciting and ultimately extremely rewarding, with plenty of H/C and a brilliant ending. A wonderful story-line, and brilliant character work.

"Easy Prey" by Jaicen5

A Gen story, and what a story! A superb plot, genuinely exciting, fantastic partnership stuff, lots of jeopardy - especially for poor Doyle, and one of the best closing set-pieces you could wish for!

The Sentinel - wow, there is so much to read in TS, and so very much of that is brilliant. I haven't even scratched the surface yet. But there are already some fics that I will read again and again, so I think they will fit the bill here:

Any story by Francesca, of course, but which to choose for here? Let's go for:
"The Object of My Erections"
Hilarious, but also warm and loving

alyjude_sideburns is justifiably famous for her many and lovely stories. Some I find a little too melodramatic for my tastes, but this one is a real fave of mine
"Auld Lang Syne"

Fluterbev's Irish series is full of warmth, and the first story has a great feeling of redemption, and of coming home.
"Three Spirals"

Anything by dasha_mte is a delight, but particularly the Dorset County series, the first story being here:
"I Still Believe"

Anything by Lemon Drop, but especially:
"In Vision I Roamed"

And finally, a lovely, fulfilling, funny and exciting story from Zelempa, which always makes me laugh, and is such a great First Time
"The Classification of Waterfowl"
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Thank you for the recs. I can't wait to start reading some of them. The others I have read but still reread from time to time. I love Francesca so much. That story is my favorite too. :)
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Just reply, I guess. We'll get it one way or another. LOL I don't get it either.
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I am well familiar with all of these. How strange, yeah?