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Big Bear Zoo inhabitants - a idle question

To those who have been around in TS far longer than I, and recall the Moonridge zoo sponsorship, a question:

Reading the latest Big Bear zoo newsletter and then the website itself, I see there is a wolf called Blair (who weighs 130lbs!) born in 2009, and a female Mountain Lion called Cascade, who arrived as a cub in 2002.

I'm guessing the TS contingent had a hand in naming those animals?
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Alyjude ran the Moonridge Auction for like 8 years. And yes, they were named after characters from The Sentinel. She raised a lot of money each year for the zoo. But Aly isn't in the best of health, so she's begged off the auctions for now. Maybe someone will take it over for her. That would be nice. Garett was the one that picked this charity. He and Richard both were a part of it. It was very exciting.