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It's your age, love. Etc.

Slowly but inexorably, I seem to be falling off the grid. I don't want to, particularly, but it's like I don't have any say in the matter.

I was pretty ill from Dec with various things, one of which ended me up in hospital at the end of Feb. I still don't feel I've recovered properly from all of that. Meanwhile, although my kidney disease is still at usual levels (by dint of stringent management), something else is happening which the kidney consultant can't explain, so I have a referral to someone else. Appointment date yet to be determined.

Because of/as well as all this, I find I no longer have the emotional energy, let alone the physical, to engage. A lot of stuff is at the bottom of a deep well called I-Can't-Be-Bothered, and I have no inclination to pull it up. Fandom is down there, and I don't see it surfacing in the near future.

I will be pulling out of the Pros Big Bang - I have completely lost the mojo to write for the Lads. The TS Big Bang will probably go the same way. I am still reading TS fic when I can, and enjoying, and in fact it provides a good deal of relaxation. But Pros - nah. How can that be? Anyway, that's how it is.

If I write anything at all in the near future, it will have to be outside the strictures of a challenge deadline. Though I intend to continue taking part in the TS Icontest on LJ, because it is so much fun (and more people should do it!).

Some of you may have already noticed I haven't been much of a presence around here recently. I still skim LJ and DW (when I remember) but replying to posts seems in general to take too much energy. This is going to continue, I feel. No offence, just how it is.

Much love to everyone. I hope the situation may change in due course.

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